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Der Regenerative: LioBio Vegan Protein Bar - Mandel, Feige, Sauerkirsche. Natürliche Power für Regeneration und Energie.

THE REGENERATIVE - with Ashwagandha & sour cherry powder, 65g

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Noble marzipan aroma meets juicy figs, crunchy pieces of almonds and fruity sour cherries, coated in sugar-free dark chocolate...


  • Delicious in flavor
  • High-quality organic ingredients
  • Raw food manufactory in Germany
  • High in protein, high in nutrients, high in fiber
  • Only natural flavors
  • With almond protein
  • With sugar-free chocolate coating
  • Sweetened with zero-calorie organic erythritol
  • Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo friendly
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
  • No industrial or mass product
  • PLUS sport-supporting additives (per 100g):
    • Sour cherry powder Prunus cerasus (3.43%)
    • Ashwagandha root Withania somnifera (1%)
    • ➜ No worries, the Ashwagandha remains discreet in flavor! 🤎😋



⭐ Also ideal as a dietary meal replacement.

⭐ Balanced ratio of macronutrients.


The aim of this bar creation was to develop a protein-rich, plant-based energy bar that tastes fresh from the confectionery, is healthy, is not a calorie bomb and at the same time Organic plant active substances that can stimulate muscle regeneration after physical activity and provide a recovery factor on a mental and physical level.


The composition of almond protein, almond butter and basic ingredients such as figs, dates and the dietary beneficial sweetener with calorie-free Organic Erythritol combine taste and functionality in their basic features. The 8 essential amino acids from almond protein supply the body with valuable protein building blocks and can support muscle building.


With the extra dose of nutrient-rich sour cherry powder (Prunus cerasus),which is known from the sports scene for its "anti-inflammatory" properties on the muscle tissue and can have a positive effect on the oxygen supply of the vessels and muscles.


The added ayurvedic medicinal plant Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) hierzulande bekannt unter dem Namen indische Schlafbeere oder auch indischer Ginseng hat hervorragende adaptogenic properties on the human body and can help to balance stress. In addition, it can have an extremely beneficial effect on the hormonal balance of men and women and increase athletic performance.


Naturally free from:

genetic engineering - gluten, milk & lactose - soy - palm oil - syrup types - added sugar* - aspartame – artificial flavors & sweeteners - dyes - preservatives - fillers - humectants - acidifiers - emulsifiers & stabilizers


  • Absolutely FREE from casein, lactose and gluten and can therefore be enjoyed without hesitation by people with these food intolerances.


Our organic gourmet bar delivers overall 16.5% pure plant protein (per 100g) and has an energy content of 1060.8kJ / 253.5kcal per bar. It is also ideal for everyday use if you are looking for a tasty and sweet snack that provides energy with its complex carbohydrates and natural fat and protein content and allows you to enjoy it without a guilty conscience.


Reference amount for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

Date paste*, almond protein* (14.5%), fig paste* (9.14%), erythritol*, chocolate couverture* (9%) (cocoa mass*, sweetener (erythritol)*, cocoa butter*, cocoa* (defatted)), almond butter* (7.28%), water, almonds* (4.57%), sour cherries* (4 ,28%), sour cherry powder* (3.43%), ashwagandha root powder* (1%), natural Aroma*.


*from controlled ecological agriculture



May contain traces of other nuts and sesame. Despite careful processing, it may contain hard pieces of nut shells and fruit stones.


Consumption recommendation: Ideal for in between and perfect for on the go. 1-2 bars/day in addition to a varied & balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


► Please store in a cool and dry place.

► The nutritional information is subject to the variations of a natural product.

► The product should be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

PROTEINS contribute to an increase in muscle mass and its maintenance.

100 Grams
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