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Entdecke den LioBio Vegan Protein Bar mit fruchtiger Mango, knackigen Paranüssen und cremigem, MCT-haltigem Kokosmus

THE EXOTIC - with SuperFoods & MCT fatty acids, 65g

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Note: contains coconut butter/MCTs with a low melting point, so please store in a cool place to prevent melting!



Noble nutty with tenderly melting coconut butter, fruity mango pieces, a hint of lemon, covered in sugar-free chocolate


  • Delicious in taste
  • High-quality organic ingredients
  • Raw food manufactory in Germany
  • High in protein, high in nutrients, high in fiber
  • Natural Aroma
  • With almond protein
  • With sugar-free bittersweet couverture
  • Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo friendly
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
  • No industrial / mass product


⭐ Also ideal as a dietary meal replacement.

⭐ Balanced ratio of macronutrients.


High-quality plant-based almond protein*, exotic coconut puree, crunchy pieces of Brazil nuts, and succulent sour cherries come together in this SUPERFOOD blend that tastes as if it were freshly crafted in a pastry shop.


*PROTEINS support growth and maintenance of muscle mass


Naturally free from:

genetic engineering - gluten, milk & lactose - soy - palm oil - syrup types - added sugar* - aspartame – artificial flavors & sweeteners - dyes - preservatives - fillers - humectants - Acidifiers - emulsifiers & stabilizers


*contains naturally occurring sugars


The raw food dried,handcrafted protein bars ORGANIC FRUIT-NUTS BASE should give strength in everyday life and during sporting activities, likeE.g. when hiking, biking, weight training, etc. He can do this thanks to his Superfood Ingredients:


ORGANIC DRIED FRUITS represent the basic structure. They are alkaline, rich in minerals and energizing. They also provide complex carbohydrates and filling fiber.


The low fat ORGANIC ALMOND PROTEIN provides vegetable protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids. It is an easily digestible, high-quality protein and ideal for health-conscious people who want to treat themselves to a tasty portion of vegan protein in an uncomplicated and practical way.


The included ORGANIC COCONUT PURÉE can with its naturally existingmedium-chain fatty acids (MCT'S = medium-chain triglycerides) per 100g Caprylic acid (C8) 0.91g, capric acid (C10) 0.027g and lauric acid (C12) 0.007g) optimally support training sessions. These naturally occurring MCT'S can provide energy quickly, as they have a shorter transport and absorption path compared to long-chain fatty acids.


With its energy content of 1175.85 kJ/ 282.1 kcal per bar (65g) is the LioBio Vegan Protein Bar ideal as a nutritious snack on the go and very well suited for health-conscious people, from small to large and of course also for non-vegans.


Reference amount for an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).


Here, too, the focus was consistently on grain or containing gluten ingredients, as well as on lactose and casein, waived. This means that it can also be enjoyed without risk by people with lactose intolerance and/or gluten intolerance.


LioBio Vegan Protein Bar is a hand-made fresh product that 40°C dried raw food and thus nutrients such as phytochemicals and antioxidants remain intact.


The product should be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Date paste*, coconut* (13.33%), almond protein*, water, chocolate couverture* (9%) (cocoa mass*, sweetener (erythritol)*, cocoa butter*, cocoa* (defatted)), mango* (7.8%), brazil nuts* (6.9%), sour cherries*, natural flavor*.

*from controlled ecological agriculture


The nutritional information is subject to the natural fluctuations of a natural product.


allergens: May contain traces of other nuts and sesame. Despite careful processing, it may contain hard pieces of nut shells and fruit stones.


Consumption recommendation: Ideal for in between and perfect for on the go. 1-2 bars/day in addition to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


► Please store in a cool and dry place.

► The nutritional information is subject to the variations of a natural product.

► The product should be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

PROTEINS contribute to an increase in muscle mass and its maintenance.

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